Good looks Never Fade

It's not about me but if you must know !!

Who Am I?


My name is Ross Wakelin. I am in the business of educating business owners on the factors that drive their business.
I do this through the use of up-to- date software, training of accounts staff and regular reporting and meetings to help YOU, the business owner, understand where your business is at at the moment and what can be done to improve it going forward.
I am a full member of the Institue of Practicing Accountants and also a registered BAS agent.


What Are My Credentials?


I have had over 30 years experience as a corporate accountant and financial controller, learning the ins and outs of what makes a business successful. I have an MBA and a Masters in Accounting.

I am a member of the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA) and governed by their code of conduct.
I am also a certified silver XERO partner with a full knowledge of small business accounting software.
I am passionate about helping small businesses and seeing them survive and grow in these tough economic times.
I am a licenced BAS agent and MYOB partner.


What Can I offer That An Accountant Doesn't?


I specialise in small businesses giving personal regular attention to my clients. I am available at any time, not just once a year, to get information and sign off the accounts. I will help you understand your business and supply you with up-to-date information to assist you to run your business more effectively with no end of year surprises.
YOU know your business better than anyone else, but you need the right information at the right time to make the right decisions.

I am not a tax accountant, but can fulfil your BAS and IAS obligations throughout the year so you know you are reporting the right figures on time to the ATO and you are paying the correct amounts. I am a public accountant so understand your requirements.
I have up-to-date knowledge on tax matters and can help you supply the right information and ask the right questions of your tax accountant, saving him time and you money.

I concentrate on the future of your business not on the historical performance. 
This cannot be changed, but the future can.


Sustainable Marketing Services was launched in 2008.  We wanted to grow the business and knew we needed help from an external financial expert to control and improve our financial performance.


In 2009, we started working with Ross Wakelin from IMYB. Ross’ role has evolved as the business has grown.  He has set up financial processes, cash flow plans, budgets, KPIs, completes monthly financial performance reports, does our BAS, super, IAS and group tax.


We have been able to make better financial decisions because of the reports and expert advice Ross provides.  Meeting with Ross each month keeps us focused on our financial performance.


With our focus on giving our customers the best service possible, it is really easy for us to drop the ball with our finances, so we really need Ross around, to know someone has got our financial performance in his sights.

Maria Anderson / Director / Sustainable Marketing

Neighbourhood Watch Australasia (NHWA) is the largest, not for profit, community-based crime prevention organisation in Australasia.

NHWA is an incorporated society (ACT) and funded by the Australian Federal Government.  NHWA works across all NHW community organisations and Police Services, in membership States, Territories and New Zealand delivering community safety and crime prevention programs.


Ross Wakelin has been NHWA's Accountant for the past three years.  Ross lead the transition of the accounting systems into XERO which enables us to work with ease across multi locations.  As a Government Funded organisation stringent and regular reporting is required to the Board of the organisation and to the Government.  Ross provides excellent on hand, reliable advice and services to ensure that all accounting practices, reporting  and legislative requirements are met.  Ross's knowledge and understanding of our business needs and legal requirements as an incorporated society have aided and assisted us greatly in being able to provide the best services possible to our members and our funding providers.

Ingrid Stonhill / CEO / Neighbourhood Watch Australasia (NHWA)

Future Fleet Pty Ltd are providers of GPS, Fleet Management and Vehicle Tracking solutions for the transport, mining and service industries.


Ross has been providing Future Fleet with a monthly financial dashboard of our business since 2010.  Even though we are working in the business daily, we rely on monthly meetings with Ross where we analyse all areas of the business and discuss strategies to improve the business.


We are soon to embark on a new Accounting package and will again rely on Ross’ expertise and training to achieve a smooth transition from our current provider.

Lorraine Worthington / Director / Future Fleet